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Sense of purpose

What is a CRS for the shipowners? CRS- is reliability 24 /7 . Reliability of the result which is obtained by our customers from our work. Reliable quality of our services at all stages of the selection of experts. CRS providing best results.
What is a CRS for sailors looking for a job? CRS is a successful effort to give each candidate a decent job. Our company always gives the highest attention and time our sailors.We put an effort to pick up the most suitable option for the seaman`s employment.

We equally appreciate both our clients shipowners and seamen of our customers. We always make every effort to ensure that clients and seafarers were required to have the result.


Current Vacancies

RankType of VesselDWTEngineSalaryDate of join
ABContainer8700Man B&W1500 USD27.06.2016
ABProd.Tanker7800Wartsila1250 EUR18.07.2016
ABAHTS1000MaK1000 USD21.07.2016
AB/CookProd.Tanker4400Wartsila1480 EUR22.07.2016
BosunBulk Carrier71300Sulzer1800 USD20.07.2016
BosunBunker. tanker4500Wartsila1550 USD08.08.2016
BosunChem Tanker37000B&W2100 USD07.07.2016
Chief Cook — USA visaContainer27450B&W1805 USD25.07.2016
Chief EngineerContainer65000Wartsila RT-flex8700 USD05.07.2016
Chief EngineerContainer22000MAN B&W8700 USD12.07.2016
Chief EngineerCrew Boat250Niigata170 USD18.07.2016
Chief EngineerPSV1500Cummins270 USD17.08.2016
Chief EngineerLPG6000MAN-B&W11 000 USD20.07.2016
Chief EngineerLPG55000Sulzer12 500 USD14.07.2016
Chief EngineerBunker. tanker2550MaK6700 USD16.08.2016
Chief EngineerAHTS DP25160Caterpillar300 USD11.08.2016
Chief OfficerContainer22000Wartsila RT-flex6800 USD28.04.2016
Chief OfficerCrew Boat250Niigata140 USD02.08.2016
Chief OfficerLPG6000MAN-B&W8250 USD15.07.2016
Chief OfficerPipe/Cable laying vsl DP 25520Caterpillar370 USD/day07.08.2016
Chief OfficerAHTS NON DP1450MaK180 USD04.08.2016
Chief Officer SDPOAHTS DP25160Cummins380 USD09.08.2016
CookAHTS1050MaK1200 USD28.08.2016
CookBunker. tanker4500Wartsila1400 USD18.08.2016
ETOPipe/Cable laying vsl DP 25520Caterpillar220 USD/day29.08.2016
FitterBulk Carrier72350MAN-B&W1780 USD02.09.2016
MasterContainer44000Wartsila RT-flex8800 USD11.09.2016
MasterCrew Boat250Niigata180 USD17.08.2016
MasterPSV1800Cummins270 USD28.07.2016
MasterLPG9800MAN-B&W11 000 USD04.09.2016
MasterPipe/Cable laying vsl DP 25520Caterpillar650 USD/day18.09.2016
MasterAHTS NON DP586MaK230 USD30.07.2016
OilerBulk Carrier33800MAN-B&W1504 USD10.09.2016
OilerAHT1200Caterpillar1000 USD28.08.2016
OilerProd Tanker33000B&W18500 USD17.09.2016
Second EngineerContainer85000Wartsila RT-flex7000 USD12.09.2016
Second EngineerLPG8000MAN-B&W8270 USD22.08.2016
Second EngineerJack up Barge5097Caterpillar200 USD/day04.09.2016
Second OfficerAHTS1500MAK2200 USD18.09.2016
Second Officer DPOMPSV DP23700Caterpillar280 USD per day09.09.2016
Second Officer DPOAHTS DP22870Cummins250 USD13.09.2016

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We have an extensive database of highly selected, experienced and STCW-95 certified seafarers for various types of vessels, readily available upon request. They are screened by our expert recruiting team.

Securing the right crew is one thing, but securing the right competent crew is another. At CRS, we pride ourselves on the quality of the crew we provide.

Our key relationship with our crews is characterized by integrity, loyalty, and a lifelong commitment.

We understand the competence, qualifications and experience of officers and crew are essential to the management of a vessel.

Our crewing services include:
  • Dedicated office staff
  • Crew selection and vetting
  • Uniform supplying
  • Maintenance of crew records
  • Training matrix management
  • Crew scheduling
  • Crew travel
  • Out of hours service and emergency response
  • Client Crew Portal


A dedicated office staff provides continuity to run services while an out-of-hours (24/7) emergency contact is available to resolve all crew related issues, including unexpected crew relief and vessel schedule change.

We can provide you with access to a secure online facility allowing you to view personal information and certification details for all crew working on-board your vessels in live time. This service can be provided for on-going temporary supply or full crew management contracts.



Travel Arrangements


Crew Recruitment Services offers high quality services in planning flights. We will always help you to choose the optimal cost route of flight, and book tickets beforehand. We can also accompany a sailor before boarding the plane. Owing to our many years of flawless experience in this area, you can easily replace the entire crew for a few days, as well as find the most convenient route for the sailor to reach you. Please note that all our clients’ interests are fully taken into account. Scores of companies have already trusted us, and were happy with our cooperation. High-qualified experts of our company will do everything to help you getting the most professional crew ever. Just trust professionals – save your time and money!

Uniform Supplying


Crew Recruitment Services offers its ​​professional help in supplying all crews with uniform and shoes. We deal with the highest quality products at the best prices in the industry. We have complete sets of various uniforms available. We have all the sizes for any sailor. You only need to specify the number of sets of shoes and uniform. Owing to many years of experience, we know how stylish and comfortable a sailor should look. If you are interested in our products, please download a price list on this page.



Training Courses


Crew Recruitment Services has many years of experience working with various regional offices and training centres. We are always ready to help you finding the most comfortable and required courses for the training of seafarers. We also provide you with both all the necessary information concerning all required certificates, and help you obtaining them as soon as possible. Our professional personnel are always ready to give you advice and help in dealing with all possible questions. CRS Company works to make things comfortable for you!

Additional services


Crew Recruitment Services takes over the entire range of bureaucratic formalities involving the placement of a sailor on the ship. Over the years we have gained a reputation as the recognized leaders in this field, and appreciate it very much. We are fully engaged in making visas, flag state documents, obtaining certificates STCW as quickly as possible, undergoing specialized offshore courses, Marlins, CES tests, etc. With years of experience in the preparation of all related documents, the CRS Company guarantees professional approach, speed and perfect quality of all services rendered to all our clients. Our highly trained specialists are always happy to help you any time. Just trust us — and we will do our best to make you satisfied with our cooperation.

Our contacts:

Vice-Admirala Zhukova 21/23, office 62

Odessa, Ukraine

Phone: +380674850875




Email: info@crs-marine.com — for seafarers

            crew@crs-marine.com — for shipowners / agents

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